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Support someone for the day

You can support people during the day as a PSS Shared Lives carer.

With our Shared Days service, you can support people to do the things they enjoy most. This can be out and about or in your home, for a set amount of time.


You don't need any qualifications or previous caring experience. We'll train you up. Find out more about what you need to become a PSS Shared Lives carer.

Lots of people start off being a Shared Lives carer with our Shared Days service and then, once they realise how much they love it, decide they want to support someone who moves in with them and their family.

Shared Lives carers who support someone for the day often work their job as a Shared Lives carer around another job. You can be a Shared Lives carer as an extra source of income and to add a few more warm fuzzies into your life.

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Supporting someone during the daytime only involves:

  • Having the person you support round your house for a while (an excellent excuse to eat loads of cake and drink  loads of tea)

  • Getting out and about into your community to do things they person you're supporting enjoys (who knows, you might even find yourself a new hobby)

  • Supporting the person using the service to find their independence as much as possible

  • Helping the person you support to reach their goals, whatever they may be

  • Teaching the person you support new skills

  • Giving the person you support a confidence boost

  • Keeping the person you support safe and well

  • Building up a lovely friendship with the person you support


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