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Leah's a Shared Lives expert

Leah is one of our wonderful Shared Lives service experts. Based on her positive experience of Shared Lives she knows exactly what it takes to be a super-duper carer. She supports our team to interview prospective carers and spot people who will really empower someone to live life the way they choose to.

Leah loves volunteering as a service expert and she’s gained so much more confidence as a result. Since sessions were taking place virtually during lockdown Leah was able to learn new digital skills and stay positive and proactive whilst she couldn’t volunteer in her local school as usual. She’s so excited to support other people to find amazing carers like hers and also to make new carers feel at ease about the role.

She asks people questions about things that are important to her. This includes how they would support her if she was feeling homesick. And a big question for Leah is whether they could support her with trying out funky new hairstyles. This is a big part of Leah’s identity and she thinks everyone should get that person-centred care. Leah’s now training other people who use the service to have their voice heard just like her.

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