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Gaining the confidence to become a football coach, Sean's Shared Lives story

Sean had a brain tumour removed when he was ten-years-old. This affected his confidence and self-esteem as a teenager. He became anxious and experienced depression.

Since moving in with his Shared Lives carer, Wendy, Sean says he has changed so much. He’s gained so much independence and he’s a big part of his local community. One of Sean’s biggest passions is coaching young children on his local football team. He’s assistant coach and loves the opportunity he gets to support kids to follow their dreams, inspiring them to have the confidence that he didn’t as a youngster.

Wendy supports and empowers Sean to lead a really happy and fulfilling life as he lives in her home with her. He has his own room and freedom to be his own person but Wendy is always there to offer a listening ear when he’s having a difficult day or to support him to plan his journey to work, a trip further afield to visit a friend or even – as he did a couple of years ago – a trip to Barcelona to visit Camp Nou.

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