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What makes a perfect Shared Lives carer?

During Shared Lives Week (14-20 June 2021) at PSS we got together virtually celebrate our fantastic carers and the people we support and to think about how we can make Shared Lives better in the future.

To mark the occasion we had lots of awesome and interactive activities happening all week over Zoom, bringing together our people from all over England and North Wales.

A firm favourite amongst those involved was about looking at what makes the perfect Shared Lives carer. The best people to decide what makes a great Shared Lives carer is obvious really; it's the people we support who know exactly what great support should look like and who have experience of sharing their life with someone who makes it more fulfilling - that's what our amazing Shared Lives carers do every day.

We got lots of fantastic comments from the people we support on what a great carer should look like during this session - all of which paint a picture of someone truly awesome. Here's some comments, you can read more here:

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