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Do Shared Lives carers get paid?

Your average Shared Lives carer who is providing support through our Live-in service gets paid between around £240 to £500 a week per person they support, depending on where they are in the country and what the person they’re supporting needs.


How much you get paid is decided by the local authority we’re working with, so it can differ from place to place.

Shared Lives carer tax relief and expenses

Shared Lives carers also get income tax relief. You will receive certain payments (qualifying amounts) tax-free.


This means you can claim expenses for the money you spend on providing support – things like buying petrol, paying the bills and buying supplies for the person you support. And with qualifying care relief, you only need to keep simple records.

You’ll also receive contributions from the person they support for things like food, petrol and bills.

Learn more about being a self-employed Shared Lives carer.

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