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What is Shared Lives?

Shared Lives carers provide people with the practical and emotional support they need to live life the way they want to. Our Shared Lives carers support people either while they live with them, or just for the day. They can also become a Shared Lives carer to continue supporting someone they foster after they turn 16 or 18.

Find out more about what Shared Lives carers do.

Shared Lives is a little bit like fostering, but with the big difference that it’s for people over the age of 16 (over 18 in Wales) who want to live as independently as possible.


Shared Lives carer supports someone to cook

Who do Shared Lives carers support?

Shared Lives is a really flexible type of support, and our Shared Lives carers support people from all different backgrounds with all different goals. As a Shared Lives carer, you could support:


  • People who are aged 16 (or aged 18 in Wales) and just leaving children’s care

  • People who have been in hospital and need a hand getting back on their feet again

  • New mums who need a bit of support in the early days

  • People who have learning disabilities

  • People who have a mental health condition

  • People who have physical or sensory disabilities

  • People who are recovering from an addiction

  • Anyone else who needs or wants some support to live life to the fullest


Our team of experts will match you up with someone based on your lifestyle, the support you can provide and your home.


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